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Subject : Entrepreneurship
Topic : Importance of Cognitive and Behavioural Research Findings compared with Traditional Trait Theory
Introduction :

This essay sheds light on the importance of behavioural and cognitive research towards encouragement, improvement and support for individuals aspiring to start off their new business ventures. It reflects on the point of difference between trait theory and cognitive and behavioural research. It presents recommendations on the findings of this report. In order to assess the growing importance of behavioural and cognitive research as compared to the trait theory, this report utilises the existing research literature available on the subject. Existing research literature was evaluated for findings with respect to the research on behavioural, cognitive and trait theory of entrepreneurship.

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Subject : Marketing
Topic : Northern Rock Crisis: A strategic Analysis of the situation after the crisis.
Introduction :

Organisations are internally structured groups located in a complex network of inter-group relations characterised by status, power with prestige differentials in the society (Hogg & Terry 2005:250). The society believes about an organisation, it customs, the self, the image of its members and the things and values that differentiate it from other organisation and make it what it is its cultures (Fincham & Rhodes, 2005). Black, R.J.,(2003) define organizational culture, as the attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values norms shared by people and groups in an organization and that control the way they interact with the outside organization.

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Dissertation Proposal
Subject : Business Research Methods
Topic : A Strategic Response to the Current Global Crisis
Introduction :

The world economy has suffered a global recession over recent years, paralyzing the world financial system and restoring stability, confidence and growth is the priority. Thus, it is imperative that major organisations in many countries must develop a strategic response to the current global developments.

A strategic response should cover a wide range of policy issues directly relevant to the current global crisis, tackling regulatory and policy failures comprehensively.

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